Introducing TerraDig™. The most compact, multi-purpose tactical shovel in its class. Perfect for camping, hiking, and optimizing your preparedness for any situation. Built by survivalists, for survivalists.

Constructed from lightweight military-grade materials, TerraDig™ uses durable 3CR13 shovel plates with positive tolerance of 2.5mm. Its handle is made from advanced Aluminum Alloy, offering unparalleled lightweight feel with no loss of strength or usability.

As an all-in-one survival device, TerraDig™ is packed with a range of tools to keep you safe, all neatly hidden within its handle. The ultra-sharp and rust-resistant TerraDig™ shovel can dig in any type of soil. Inside the hand there’s a knife that doesn’t need sharpening, a whistle for emergency situations and a fire starting flint.

That tail of the handle also features an “attack cone” stud, ideal for breaking windows, cracking ice and using as a self defense weapon. When it comes to an all-in-one survival tool, TerraDig™ is the only choice.