Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it weigh?
TerraDig™ is just under 1kg in weight, which for a tool of this size and strength is seriously light. TerraDig™ can be folded down and stuffed in your backpack or attached to the outside of your pack for easy carry. Due to its size, TerraDig™ easily fits in even the smallest of car trunks.
How do I clean my TerraDig™?
The TerraDig™ is built with rust-resistant materials, so you needn’t worry about your shovel being dirty. However, if you’d like to clean before stowing in your pack, we suggest a quick rinse in the river and wiping clean with a towel.
What’s the serrated edge used for?
TerraDig™ features a serrated edge on one side of its shovel plate. This serrated edge can be used as a saw to cut branches or tough roots that get in the way of your digging. There’s also a serrated edge on one side of the internal knife, giving you additional cutting power when crafting wood or cooking dinner at camp.
Can you use TerraDig™ as a weapon?
Yes. TerraDig’s sharp pointy edge, or “attack cone” as it is known, makes TerraGig™ a highly effective weapon in self-defense situations. All your force can be concentrated onto this one pointed nib giving you exceptional crushing power. TerraDig™ also has a sharp knife hidden inside its handle.
How to start a fire with TerraDig?
Find the fire starter stored inside one of the pipes and strike the knife on the flint to create a spark. Capture this spark on dried tinder and immediately transfer to your prepped campfire.
Does it come with an adjustable handle?
Yes. TerraDig’s adjustable pipes can give you better leverage to make digging more convenient and effective. The adjustable also allow you to pack and transport the shovel easily.