TerraDig™ Tactical Shovel

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The Ultimate All-In-One Tactical Shovel for Outdoor Survival & Preparedness

  • 18-in-One Multifunctional Shovel Tool
  • 3CR13-Grade Steel Plates
  • Compact & Ultra-Lightweight Folding Design
  • Advanced Aluminum Alloy Handle Pipes
  • Includes Knife, Flintstone, Life Whistle & More

TerraDig™ is the most compact, multi-purpose tactical shovel in its class. Perfect for camping, hiking, and preparedness.

Constructed from lightweight military-grade materials, TerraDig™ uses durable 3CR13 shovel plates & advanced Aluminum Alloy handle offers unparalleled lightweight utility with no loss of strength or usability.

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Recommended by Leading Preparedness Experts

TerraDig™ is an all-in-one survival device packed with tools to keep you safe. The ultra-sharp rust-resistant shovel head digs through hardened soil & snow, chops wood and slices through undergrowth to clear your path. Hidden inside the handle is a knife, mini saw, emergency whistle and essential fire starting flint.

TerraDig™ Tactical Shovel

All-In-One Tactical Shovel for Outdoor Survival & Preparedness Free shipping.

TerraDig™ Tactical Shovel

All-In-One Tactical Shovel for Outdoor Survival & Preparedness. Free shipping.




Fire Starter

An Essential All-in-One Survival Tool

TerraDig™ has been crafted by elite survival experts to ensure you have the necessary tools needed to thrive in adventure & ensure your preparedness.

The shovel-head features a serrated saw-edge and laser-cut wrench holes. The hollow aluminum handle contains a life whistle and a hidden knife , along with a fire starting flint should your lighter run out.

Oh, and there’s also a bottle opener for that well-deserved beer…

Military-Grade, Rust-Resistant & Highly Durable Materials

TerraDig™ uses 5mm thick advanced aluminum pipes for its handle and 3CR13 graded steel plates for its shovel surface. 

The shovel’s stain free & rust-resistant mirror finish head is 2MM thicker than ordinary shovels, allowing you to dig in even the toughest of terrains.

Oh, and did we mention how lightweight it is?

Lightweight, Stowable & Easy-to-Carry

When you're out on the trail, the last thing you need is more weight on your back. That's why we built the Terradig™ from ultra-lightweight, military grade materials. The shovel is strong, yet featherlight, and folds down into 1/3 its size for easy stowage in your rucksack.

Practicality is Built-In

Every part of the TerraDig™ Tactical Shovel has been thoughtfully considered by our panel of survival experts & leading product designers.

Every single inch has been maximised to ensure you're as safe and prepared as you can be.

Effortless Digging, Even in Frozen Conditions

TerraDig™ utilizes ultra-sharp and ultra-hard 3CR13 grade stainless steel material for its shovel head, ensuring minimal effort is required when digging, even through the toughest of surfaces.

Folding Shovel Head for Increased Efficiency

The TerraDig™ shovel-head locks on a 90º angle, converting from classic shovel into practical hoe.

This gives you added efficiency and ease-of-use when clearing larger areas of land for pitching your tent or quickly digging out snow holes.

An Ultralight, Compact Addition to Any Bug Out Bag

Space and weight are limited in your hiking rucksack or bug out bag, but an entrenchment tool like TerraDig™ can be an essential item to carry.

TerraDig™ is designed to be as light and as strong as possible, by using only the highest quality materials with the best weight to strength performance ratio.

That’s why this nifty entrenchment tool has the digging power of a much larger shovel, in a small & compact unit.

Made of Ultra-Hard & Durable Rust-Resistant Steel

TerraDig™ is constructed from lightweight military-grade materials, using durable 3CR13-grade steel for its shovel plates and advanced Aluminum Alloy for its handle.

This combination offers an unparalleled lightweight utility without the loss of strength or durableness.


Adventure-Ready, Precision Details

When you’re out on the trail, you should always have a plan, and that’s the same ethos we carry with us at TerraDig™ HQ.

Every single element of the TerraDig™ shovel is precision engineered by our panel of experts. 

We’ve obsessed over the tiniest of details to produce a hard-wearing & long-lasting tactical shovel for even the most demanding of adventures.

More Than Just a Shovel.

TerraDig™ is the best-in-class tactical shovel, with good reason too. Packed with potentially life-saving features, this shovel does more than just digging…


And Versatile

To Be Great


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  • Drew I.
    Verified customer • Yesterday
    Compared to other tactical shovels, TerraDig is simply a 5-star quality. Durable, compact, and lightweight! Just what I was looking for
  • Robert B.
    Verified customer • 1 day ago
    It’s a powerful shovel multi-tool. I really like the adjustable handle!
  • James C.
    Verified customer • 2 day ago
    Good product. Will order again soon!
  • Bill J.
    Verified customer • 27/10/2020
    My favorite backpacking shovel. It’s just the perfect size plus the materials are all high-quality. 10/10. TerraDig is now my best camping gear.
  • Harry M.
    Verified customer • 26/10/2020
    A nice little shovel with a lot of uses. The only thing I didn’t like was the handle. It’s flimsy and unreliable sometimes.
  • Theodore W.
    Verified customer • 25/10/2020
    Works great! The included knife was my favorite part of the set. Amazing find. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • Nathan T.
    Verified customer • 22/10/2020
    A sturdy well-designed tool. Very impressed with this one. Thought it wasn’t durable based on the photos. I was wrong! I’m super happy with my purchase.
  • Angela W.
    Verified customer • 21/10/2020
    Good size and weight 🙂 The saw is also very sharp. It can cut branches and roots in seconds. I’m mighty impressed!
  • Korinne E.
    Verified customer • 20/10/2020
    Arrived pretty fast despite the pandemic and ongoing travel restrictions. Happy with my purchase!
  • Jojo E.
    Verified customer • 19/10/2020
    The handle is a bit short.
  • Anthony K.
    Verified customer • 16/10/2020
    Such a sturdy shovel. Used it to dig a hole in my rocky backyard and it worked smoothly. Amazing!
  • Lisa O.
    Verified customer • 14/10/2020
    Bought this for our camping trip. So far it’s been very useful. We made camp easily thanks to this tool. It’s also very light so digging wasn’t very strenuous.
  • Archie Y.
    Verified customer • 12/10/2020
    A great shovel with a ton of features. I can also easily store it in my car trunk. This has been my favorite purchase this year.
  • Ramon C.
    Verified customer • 11/10/2020
    It’s very lightweight! Even my wife finds this shovel so easy to use.
  • Monica G.
    Verified customer • 05/10/2020
    A cool tool to bring during hikes and trails.

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